Top 5 Best Cast Iron Dosa Tawa in India



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Cast Iron Dosa Tawa

Cast iron dosa tawa makes a comeback from grandma’s kitchen. As the demand for healthier, more flavorful dosas grows, this traditional kitchen tool is making its way back into modern kitchens. Cast iron dosa tawa has become increasingly popular among home chefs for their ability to create those crispy, restaurant-style dosas. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about cast iron dosa tawas, including how to use and season them, where to find the best ones in India and the benefits they offer.

Which Are The Best Cast Iron Dosa Tawa In India?

Swastha Cookware10”, 11”, 12.5”Cast Iron4.7/5
Shrinica12”Cast Iron4.6/5
Dynamic Cookwares11”Cast Iron4.5/5
RockTawa11”Cast Iron4.1/5
Indus Valley 11”,12”Cast Iron4/5

Swastha Cookware:

Swastha’s cast iron dosa tawa is completely free from harmful toxins, ensuring the safety of your cooking. It comes pre-seasoned with 100% pure vegetable oil and doesn’t use any chemical coating, preserving the authentic, traditional taste of your food. Drawing from ancient Indian culinary wisdom, it’s designed to beautifully brown your dishes. With even temperature maintenance and excellent heat distribution, it’s suitable for use on gas stoves, induction cooktops, ovens (OTG), and even campfires, guaranteeing effective heat distribution. In essence, this product is a safe, seasoned, and culturally inspired cookware option, making your cooking experience both healthy and flavorful.

Know more about the Swastha Cookware brand cast iron dosa tawa.

Swastha Cast Iron dosa tawa sizes

Source: Swastha Cookware


Shrinica pre-seasoned cast iron dosa tawa, a naturally made rock Tawa, offers even heat cooking and boasts a long lifespan. It is 100% pre-seasoned, ensuring it’s ready for use right away. Crafted from high-quality cast iron, it imparts authentic traditional flavours to your dishes, making it perfect for heavy cooking. With its non-stick metal finish, heat is distributed evenly across both the bottom and inner top surfaces. Additionally, using this cookware adds healthy iron to your food, enhancing both the taste and nutritional value of your meals.

Interested to know more about Shrinica brand cast iron dosa tawa? Visit here

Dynamic Coockwares:

DYNAMIC COOKWARES offers a Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Tawa for Dosa that’s compatible with both induction and gas stoves. This versatile cookware is 100% toxin-free, ready to use, and naturally non-stick. It boasts a thick base, ensuring slow and even cooking, resulting in deliciously crisp dosas. The Tawa also features a satin-smooth glossy cooking surface for easy dosa release, and its ergonomically designed dual handle provides a comfortable grip. What sets it apart is the natural pre-seasoning with organic cold-pressed gingelly oil, completely free from any harmful chemicals, making it healthy.

Know more about the Dynamic Coockwares brand cast iron dosa tawa

Rock Tawa:

The Rock Tawa is a versatile kitchen tool designed for healthier cooking. It’s particularly useful for reducing the need for oil and butter in your recipes, promoting a healthier diet. This Tawa is compatible with gas, electric, and induction stovetops, offering flexibility in your cooking choices. What sets it apart is its ability to increase the iron content in your food, making it a nutritious addition to your kitchen. Cleaning and maintenance are hassle-free, simplifying your kitchen routine.

Know more about the Rock Tawa brand cast iron dosa tawa

Indus Valley:

The Indus Valley’s cast iron dosa tawa is toxin-free, made from natural cast iron and adds iron to your food, which is good for your health. It’s perfect for making delicious dosas, just like the ones made in restaurants. You can use it on gas and induction stoves, in ovens, and even over a campfire. It cooks food evenly and keeps the heat well, so your meals turn out great every time. 

Interested to know more about Indus Valley brand cast iron dosa tawa? Visit here

If you are looking to buy any of the above cast iron dosa tawa online then you will buy directly from their website or other platforms like Flipkart, amazon etc.

FAQ on Cast Iron Dosa Tawas

How to use pre seasoned cast iron dosa tawa? How to make dosa on cast iron tawa? How to use cast iron dosa tawa first time?

Using a pre seasoned cast iron dosa tawa is a straightforward process, but it’s essential to follow specific steps to ensure your dosas turn out perfect and to maintain the tawa’s seasoning. First, wash the tawa in normal water without scrub. Preheat the Tawa, Grease the Tawa, Pour Dosa Batter, cook and serve.

Cast Iron Dosa Tawa Price

Every brand comes with a different price and quality in the Indian market. Find the options that suit various budgets, ensuring that you get the best value for your money.

How to season cast iron dosa tawa?

Seasoning a cast iron dosa tawa is an essential process for maintaining its non-stick properties, preventing rust, and enhancing the flavour of your dosas. To achieve this, begin by cleaning the tawa to remove any debris without using soap or harsh chemicals. Ensure it’s thoroughly dry and then preheat it to open up the pores of the cast iron. Apply a thin layer of high smoke point oil to the entire surface and heat it until the oil smokes, indicating the polymerization process. Allow it to cool and repeat the process multiple times for a robust seasoning layer. Properly maintained, your cast iron dosa tawa will reward you with non-stick, flavorful dosas, making it a valuable kitchen tool.

What is the benefit of cast iron Tawa?

A cast iron tawa’s appeal lies in its exceptional heat distribution, creating uniform cooking surfaces and precise temperature control, while its natural non-stick surface, when properly seasoned, minimizes the need for excess oil, yielding healthier and more flavorful dosas. Renowned for its durability, versatility, and capacity to add small amounts of dietary iron to food, cast iron tawas effortlessly combine tradition with modernity, making them an excellent, cost-efficient investment for any kitchen, all while retaining their captivating nostalgic charm.


Are you a fan of crispy, golden dosas that are both healthy and delicious? If so, you probably know that the secret to making the perfect dosa lies in the type of cookware you use. A cast iron dosa tawa is a fantastic addition to your kitchen, allowing you to make mouthwatering dosas and a variety of other dishes. By following our tips on choosing, seasoning, and using these tawas, you’ll master the art of dosa-making in no time. Additionally, we’ve shared some of the best options available in India, so you can make an informed decision when purchasing your very own cast iron dosa tawa. Enjoy the journey of perfecting your dosa recipe with the help of this remarkable cookware.

Remember that the right cast iron dosa tawa can be a game-changer in your kitchen, and it’s an investment worth making for any dosa enthusiast.

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